Republicans more likely to have orgasms than Democrats

Couple in bed

She's not enjoying herself; she's clearly a Democrat (or he is.)

A new poll commissioned by, the popular online dating site, indicates that though Republicans have less sex than Democrats, members of the GOP also have more orgasms. Apparently, 53% of Republicans regularly have their bodies elevated to Reagangasmic levels, while only 40% of Democrats claim stimulation that cost less than $1 trillion.

The survey doesn’t really address Independents, so I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Of course, Mediaite’s take on this is probably the most accurate:

Man, recently, Conservatives have been getting slammed in the “Studies No One Asked For Performed By Random Entities” category. Heck, just last week we learned that social conservatism was linked with a lowered IQ. Don’t worry though, Righties, because there’s a new study out in which you came on top! You also came on bottom. You came just about everywhere. That’s right, this new study shows that Republicans have more orgasms than people of any other political party.

Grand Ol’ Party, indeed.

The survey comes from which makes it one of the growing number of “Surveys Done By Dating Sites Purely Designed To Get Bloggers To Write Stupid Posts Like These That Mention The Name Of The Dating Site.” In it there’s a lot of information but the most interesting factoid (AKA the factoid most designed to drive headlines in stupid posts like these) is that Republicans have more orgasms than any other political party. Yep, a whopping 53% managed to get the job done. Meanwhile, 40% of Democrats were stuck on a bridge to nowhere.

Is it scientific? Not really. Will people read this story because of the headline? Quicker than a Republican gal says “Oh yes,” I’d suspect.

The survey isn’t completely out of left field, however. In 2009, liberal pundit Joy Behar recalled a study that conservative women have more orgasms, prompting conservative pundit Ann Coulter to suggest it’s based on the higher level of value conservatives place on sex.

Meanwhile, in other inaccurate-but-still-amusing sex-related studies, Android users put out on the first date.

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