F16s to Indonesia

In case you missed the news, the U.S. is now a supplier of F-16 fighter jets to Indonesia. We’re not selling them, but rather giving them away. 25 of them, to be exact. To a “friendly” nation.

Indonesia is one of the more powerful nations in that region of the world, and a rather important one, strategically, because of its geography, since we seem to be beginning a cold war with China. But, it is one of the most unstable governments in the area as well, filled with relentless fighting among its rebels and separatists. The country is also a haven for terrorists, including al Qaeda (who we weren’t on good terms with, last time I checked.)

Just to clarify, we’re gifting F-16s to an unstable government that harbors terrorist organizations that we’re at war with. What could possibly go wrong?

If we’re serious about giving away military technology that, while old for us is still lightyears ahead of technology used by many other countries, would it not be more prudent to give it to a proven friend? Or, at the very least, a stable nation. Hell, even one that’s also on our side in the War on Terror. That would just be too intelligent, and the current White House administration shows itself not becoming of intelligent policy.

The only real benefit to this proposed donation is the increased presence nearby China, but I highly doubt that Indonesia would be of any assistance if a conflict did arise with China. No, they’d stay out of it, then later back the winner.

At the very least, I wouldn’t think it would be too much to ask to sell the jets to them, and at least get some revenue from it. Our economy’s still in the tank, right?

The fact that President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton haven’t offered any sort of rational for this decision is telling. Is there a direct benefit to handing over state-of-the-art technology to a place that will likely lose it all too quickly to our enemies? Lets face it, this is, at best, another foreign policy blunder by the Obama administration, if not a complete lack of common sense.

Jonathan Sangster is a Colorado-based writer and entrepreneur. He is a special contributor to Landmark Report's politics section.

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  1. Mld says:

    Not so sure this was a blunder and think it was most likely intentional with full knowledge of who is involved and/or could be involved. Looks more like a gift from Obama to the Muslim Brotherhood via Indonesia.

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