New James O'Keefe Video Helps Reveal Truth Behind “Occupy Wall Street” Movement

“I have nearly infinite faith in the power of free people, making their own decisions on what is best for them and their families, to create a great, lasting and moral society.”—James O’Keefe

On October 11, 2011, investigative journalist and conservative activist James O’Keefe released a new video directed at the  “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

Previously, O’Keefe brought down ACORN with fellow investigative journalist Hannah Giles. His other projects include video exposés of National Public Radio (NPR), teachers unions, and Medicaid. Additionally, he starred in “Landrieu Dance”—a music video directed by conservative filmmaker Christian Hartsock—to prove detractors wrong.

O’Keefe and his Project Veritas released the following statement about the new video:

Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe, made an appearance at the “Occupy Wall Street” protests in New York City. Mildly disguised as a banker, James met with surprising requests for investments into the proposed interests of the protesters.

In the video, O’Keefe dons a business suit and introduces himself as a banker to unsuspecting event goers. He blends into the “Occupy Wall Street” event in New York City and talks with several protestors there. Throughout the video, he interacts with hippies, communists, and other colorful individuals. Surprisingly, protestors welcome him with cake and compliments, among many things.

O’Keefe’s exchange with one particular protestor should be noted. He tells the protestor that he works on Wall Street. Shortly afterward, the man solicits him and later asks, “Would you like to make a lot of money on this, ethically?” The protestor went on to say, “Now myself, I’m not a business person but…I would like to get my interests financed.”

The rest of the exchange is seen here:

It is laughable to see a self-avowed socialist solicit a Wall Street banker a “anti-corporation” corporation. Granted, if capitalism is so evil, why do “Occupy Wall Street” protestors repeatedly ask for money—a byproduct of capitalism? That aside, O’Keefe should be commended for his latest video. It further clarifies the difference between this movement and the Tea Party Movement.

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement demands free education, increased minimum wage rates, universal health care, living wage, increased spending on infrastructure, and the overthrow of capitalism, to name a few. In contrast, the Tea Party Movement desires limited government, lower taxes, reverence for the Constitution, and capitalism.

Additionally, “Occupy Wall Street” supporters embrace anti-Semitism, public defecation, and lawlessness. In contrast, Tea Party members exhibit tolerance, cleanliness, and rules.

Interestingly enough, these individuals demand an end to capitalism and wealth whilst touting their Starbucks coffee, iPhones, and designer clothes. They continually blame capitalism for this nation’s economic woes. Instead, they should be searching for jobs and making themselves useful. More importantly, they should expose the individual crony capitalists (President Obama, Warren Buffett, and Jeffrey Immelt) and corporations (Solyndra and Goldman-Sachs) responsible for crippling the economy.

The question beckons: If capitalism has failed in America, what is the suitable alternative? Communism? Socialism? If that is the case, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement’s useful idiots—much like the Bolshevik Revolution’s useful idiots—will be subjected to poverty, labor camps, and inequality if they get their way.

It is unfortunate to see my Generation Y peers joining this cause. Many have been indoctrinated by their university professors to hate America and despise capitalism, so this comes as no surprise. Nevertheless, James O’Keefe and similar young conservative activists are countering the “Occupy Wall Street” movement with rational ideas and practical solutions.

As Americans, we must enlighten our peers about the implications of socialism and communism. My parents endured communism in Lithuania and later escaped to the United States to be free and happy. They continually remind their fellow Americans how dangerous communism is and why this anti-capitalist, anti-American movement will make everyone poor and miserable.

Like my parents, O’Keefe has used new media and hard-hitting videos to shed light on the truth about corruption, fraud, and lawlessness in this country. His “Occupy Wall Street” video should inspire more Americans to seek the truth.

If you wish to support James O’Keefe and the Project Veritas, please donate here.

Gabriella Hoffman is a senior at UC-San Diego and political activist. She is a producer with The Rick Amato Show is an Assistant Editor at The College Conservative. Her writing has appeared on Fox Nation, Washington Times and the NewsRealBlog.

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  1. John Feeny says:

    Yep, the Occupy Wall Street Movement is just people with integrity in mind….they're not interested in money….

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