Lion King broadway cast gives impromptu concert on Virgin flight

The in-flight entertainment was better than the safety video for passengers on Virgin Flight 0970 from Brisbane to Sydney last week as the Australian broadway cast of The Lion King ...

Vicar sparks dance flash mob after marrying couple

Some are saying it is tantamount to sacrilege; others are saying it is just a fun way to celebrate after a wedding. Whatever the spiritual ramifications are, you can’t deny it’s ...

Sarah Palin on Syria: “Let Allah sort it out” (VIDEO)

Former Alaska Governor and current Fox News contributor Sarah Palin was speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference in Washington, D.C. this weekend, when she gave her advice ...
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Canadian butchers Star-Spangled Banner at Memorial Cup

The 2013 Memorial Cup was off to a rocky start before it began thanks to a peculiar rendition of the United States’ national anthem by Alexis Normand, a Saskatchewan-based singer ...
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Taiwanese news animators take on Rob Ford’s Crack-gate

Some might say that it was only a matter of time. Others…well, just enjoy.
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VIDEO: Get creative and carve your pumpkin with a pistol this year

Halloween is upon us, and millions of North Americans will soon be carving out faces on pumpkins to place on their porches before penetrating the orange crania with illuminated blocks ...
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Andrew Lawton appears in full hour TVO special on suicide and mental health

On Monday September 10, World Suicide Prevention Day, Landmark Report’s editor-in-chief appeared in a full-hour special on mental health in young people on TVO’s The Agenda ...
Trayvon Martin

Andrew Lawton discussing Trayvon Martin on the BBC

Yesterday, I appeared on BBC World’s World Have Your Say broadcast alongside a panel of guests from around the world to discuss the Trayvon Martin phenomenon. The show was broadcast ...
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A nine-month pregnancy in 90-seconds

It’s time to stake a stroll down Adorable Avenue. A video uploaded by a young couple last week has now gone viral on YouTube, with almost 5 million views. The video, embedded ...

Canadian freestyle skier dies in fatal crash competition

The Canadian ski community was shaken for the second time this year Saturday by the tragic news that one of its own – ski cross racer Nik Zoricic – was killed while racing ...
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