College journalism banner: “Our reporting should reflect the diversity of our audience”

Hamilton 2-20130125-00107Full disclosure: I didn’t go to journalism school.

When the time came to declare a major, I opted for political science. That’s not to say I’m without credibility in the field. My writing has appeared in national and international publications and I have appeared on networks like CTV National News, Sun News Network and BBC numerous times, but my exposure to the world of journalism came after my formal education did.

That being said, I was a bit amused–and disturbed–when a friend emailed me a picture he snapped at a Canadian college’s journalism center. The picture, taken at Hamilton, Ontario’s Mohawk College includes a banner across a cubicle that reads, “Our reporting should reflect that diversity of our audience.” (Emphasis is original.)

While campus newspapers themselves are hardly bastions of journalistic excellence, Mohawk College, where the banner hangs, has one of Canada’s most popular journalism programs. Most would-be journalists that pass through the school’s halls are putting in time producing campus news.

This motto begs the question of where truth lies in reporting for the next generation of news men and women.

Journalism should serve one root purpose: to uncover and expose the truth. News reported correctly can change the world, but change isn’t the goal.

When the priority shifts to promoting “diversity” in reporting, truth is left in the dust. Students today are being taught that it is more important to push an agenda than to push reality.

No wonder everyone with a journalism degree is out of a job.

Andrew Lawton is Landmark Report's founder and a North American radio and television personality. In addition to hosting The Andrew Lawton Show on AM980 in London, Ontario, he appears on a variety of programs and in a wide array of publications tackling politics, lifestyle and even tourism. Andrew tweets as @AndrewLawton.

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