Alberta radio station offers Russian bride as contest prize

When I was younger, I used to be a bit of a radio-contest-a-holic. I’d call in for concert tickets, movie screenings, CDs and occasionally cash. Best of all, I often won (although never cash, unfortunately.) That being said, in my years of radio listening, I don’t recall any radio station going so far as to offer up a human being as a prize. Especially as a wife.

The Bear 100.3 FM in Edmonton, Alberta is having a contest for its male listeners to apply to win an all-expenses paid trip to Russia, courtesy of Volga Girl, an “integrity-based” mail-order bride agency with a focus on linking up North American men with Russian teenagers ladies.

In addition to biographical information and six photographs, The Bear’s online application form for the contest allows men to answer deep, profound questions such as “Do you fold or scrunch the toilet paper?” and “What do you have to offer a smoking hot wife?”, not to mention the question on everyone’s mind: “Relationship Status?”

The radio station will choose the winner of the contest, who will receive return airfare to Russia, accommodations for 13 nights, $500 in cash, and, of course, an unsuspecting wife. The applications are posted publicly on the station’s website.

Needless to say, the contestants seem like real winners. When asked to describe his perfect wife, Darryl Westman of Red Deer writes, “Lady in public, whore in bed. Not allergic to house work. Good cook that hates confrontation.”

Randy of Mississauga thinks that women will love him because he’s a union president, and wants to get married so that his mother will stop bothering him.

Of course, there’s also Mike Smart from Edmonton who describes his worst sexual experience as getting a blowjob from a transsexual.

Alberta’s Employment and Immigration minister, Thomas Lukaszuk condemned the contest, saying, “As a father of two daughters, the whole idea of winning a wife doesn’t bode with me well at all.” Minister Lukaszuk also advised the media that his ministry’s advertisements have been withdrawn from the station for the duration of the contest. His condemnation aside, there doesn’t seem to be any wrong-doing outside of the moral implications, as international marriage agencies have seemed to operate legally for several years., an online grassroots social justice hub, has started a petition to the general manager of 100.3 FM to “Close the WIN A WIFE contest and publicly acknowledge its inappropriateness.” The petition’s request is lukewarm at best, and seems to disregard the fact that this contest was likely approved by every level of station management, but the petition has already garnered over 7,000 names as of today.

Andrew Lawton is Landmark Report's founder and publisher and a North American radio and television personality. In addition to hosting The Andrew Lawton Show on AM980 in London, Ontario, he is also a contributor on Canada's Sun News Network. Andrew, the King of Canadian Social Media, tweets as @AndrewLawton.

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  1. Jebus! Taken' a cue from the Alperta Progressive Conservative shift into the Red I guess.

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