Conservative commentator attacked by Muslim mob in Toronto

Television and radio pundit David Menzies found himself in a dangerous situation with his 9-year old son yesterday after doing the unthinkable — taking photographs in Toronto’s downtown Yonge-Dundas Square. After enjoying a lunch of pizza and bubble tea, Menzies deigned to use his new camera to take pictures of the surroundings, much to the dismay of a nearby hijab-wearing Muslim women.

Menzies writes:

She was part of a group that included two women wearing full face-covering burkas. She was screaming: “We are Muslim! You do not take pictures of us!” (Odd. I can’t find the “no photos” rule in the Qur’an.)

I informed the lady I was in a public square in a democracy. I can actually take pictures of whomever I please.

And then: Ka-pow! Her fist collided with my face. Worse, she almost knocked my new camera from my hands.

My son and I were then surrounded by a mob of about 20 people, many of whom were speaking Arabic. One kept demanding I surrender my camera to him.

Fortunately, there were a group of Toronto police officers nearby. There were also Arabic-speaking witnesses who saw the attack on Menzies and understood the chants of the mob that was surrounding him. Menzies writes further:

[M]y Spidey Senses started to tingle when I overheard the questions being asked of the witnesses. “Was it a closed-fist punch or an open hand? Was it the front or the back of the hand?”Huh? Physical contact had been made. Why did severity matter?

After the officer took my statement, he went over to the offending woman. Another constable was inexplicably miffed I was (legally) taking photos in the first place. The irony: Just above our heads a Toronto Police Service sphere was videotaping the activities.

The police officer then informed an understandably shaken David Menzies that no charges would be laid because the woman wasn’t trying to attack Menzies, but “she was merely trying to knock the camera out of [his] hands.”

That anyone would assault a stranger in public for such a reason is ridiculous, but that the police would refuse to press any charges because the crime being committed was only the by product of another crime being committed is disgusting. Also, that’s not something that would happen had the suspect been a non-Muslim.

Imagine the scenario were flipped and a mob of angry white men surrounded a Muslim woman and her child and got punched in the process. There were be arrests made, charges laid and the Piper would get paid. And rightfully so. That is, after all, the way the law is supposed to operate in a free country.

Ann Coulter writes in her latest book Demonic, the threat that the ‘mob’ poses to society. That reality truly sinks in when it leads to a friend being attacked for taking a picture.

UPDATE: Below are some of the pictures taken by David Menzies himself. The third one appears to be just after the suspect punched him.

Andrew Lawton is Landmark Report's founder and publisher and a North American radio and television personality. In addition to hosting The Andrew Lawton Show on AM980 in London, Ontario, he is also a contributor on Canada's Sun News Network. Andrew, the King of Canadian Social Media, tweets as @AndrewLawton.

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89 Responses to “Conservative commentator attacked by Muslim mob in Toronto”

  1. sanwin says:

    Lets bring more muslims into Canada.

    What could possibly go wrong ?

    • circuitochiuso says:

      It is not their fault They are doing their job( they have a clear and well defined platform and is in the open for everybody to consult it). They want to submit us or else,… read the book.

      As far as the police, it is not their fault either, unless they want to collaborate with the system. The real trators in all the western countries are the politicians. They are selling of the western culture to become the so called "multiculturalism"( btw it was invented in this country by an illustrious politician PE Trudeau). I understand many cultures that TRULY respect each other but I do not understand multiculti.

      • Ens says:

        Calling politicians with less fobi views of immigration traitors, sounds unfortunate in the shadow of recent Norwegian events, if you catch what I mean. I notice you use quotes about multiculturalism, but not around traitors. I'm just wondering if you mean it litterally and what you consider the punishment for treason should be?

  2. Gerry says:

    I guess she doesn't but into that "peaceful religion" thing we keep hearing about.

  3. PaladinPhil says:

    "That anyone would assault a stranger in public for such a reason is ridiculous, but that the police would refuse to press any charges because the crime being committed was only the by product of another crime being committed is disgusting."

    There was no first crime. Taking a picture in a public space is permissible. There are rules and such that cover this. A good resource is the website Ambient Light which breaks down all the rules and laws of what is permissible and legal to photograph. The police weren't doing their job for some odd reason. You have a victim, a suspect, and two witnesses. Why there was no arrest and charges baffles me.

    • Kenton says:

      I think what the writer meant was the assault was the byproduct of the attempt to smack the camera, not the taking of the photos.

      • pdirt says:

        In other words, she didn't really mean to hit him (with closed fist), it happened accidentally while she was assaulting him. Clear as mud.

  4. Miss Trixie says:

    "To Serve and Protect" used to be a strong, proud motto of the police for the citizens of this country where the trust of same was iron-clad. Now, it is not meant for Heritage Canadians and is applied only to enforce shariah-compliance for the protected muslim groups. Protecting muslims with a shield of Political Correctness and the rot has gone bone-deep in our "police".

    Last time I checked, this was Canada, not some miserable sand-filled cr*p-hole wallowing in 7th century ignorant superstition and misery.

  5. Serin says:

    I live near yonge and dundas and i am 99% sure the woman in the story is a Saudi. I see the saudi's always lazily hanging about yonge and dundas giving passer bys dirty looks (or in the case of saudi men they like to eye the ladies in their summer dresses). Anyways these folks are not citizens and not immigrants, their government pays big bucks to the universities in down town so they can enroll in them.

    This allows the saudis to come here, do nothing and pay for their university to let them take courses. Even the local arabs and muslims can't stand them because they do nothing and treat local arabs and muslims like crap. No surprise the syrian couple helped you out (they want these saudi's out too)!

  6. Markon says:

    Anyone else not in the mood to have Islamonutjobs telling us what to do? Take their pictures and tell them to F**K Off or move back to the shithole they came from.
    When the police work to protect the "elites" from the consequences of their actions rather than protect society from lawlessness then liberty has one foot in the grave. Reason #3,545,676,541 to not ever vote Progressive.

  7. Canuck in Canada says:

    As a good friend of mine says and that you pointed out in the article: "This doesn't pass the 'opposite' test.". I can't imagine how hard the cops would have come down had the tables been turned. Canada, wake up, and quickly!

  8. Morty62 says:

    People are waking up all over. I have several friends here in the States who are following the whole anti-sharia, anti-jihad movement. I like to think people where I'm from, in the South, won't put up with this kind of crap, although we did have an obvious honor-killing take place in Tampa that the authorities refused to prosecute. People need to wake up and stand up for their cultural herigate in the face of this slowly-metasticizing tumor.

  9. Lawrence Joseph Schertzl says:

    this is absolute bullshit the police need to pull their heads out of their asses and charge these infuriating people… stop bending over backwards for them and kick em’ out citizenship revoke’s all ’round

  10. morticia says:

    I xo David Menzies and watch him whenever I can. Happy to see someone of public persona have this happen because perhaps there will be greater awareness of this type of bullying by these backward imbiciles. He can write articles about it and get some publicity about this type of intimidation and attempt to change the very fabric and values of our public spaces and ultimately our country. When I was assaulted by these lunatics the police did nothing and even with a video of threats to kill me and rape me, nothing was done. The Toronto police force is in a sad state. I was hopeful that Ford could make some important and necessary changes.

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  12. wyatt bridger says:

    "some miserable sand-filled cr*p-hole wallowing in 7th century ignorant superstition and misery. "

    Damn. Not much I can add to that. Glad I don't live in Toronto anymore. I could not sit near that pathetic assembly of retarded development – although I'm sure it will spread.

  13. 18OhCanada67 says:

    Why the double standard? Again!
    Are we afraid of them? Has our "political correctness" over taken our common sense for justice?
    Certainly the CBC is not reporting on this mob attack! We need to e-mail our elected members at every level of government and demand equality and justice. Muslims, literally, are getting away with murder (honor killings) because they are given a double standard by the police and courts.

  14. Maikeru says:

    To be fair, the gal appears heavily pregnant.
    I remember my daughter getting pissed off with me when I tried to take her picture at that stage.

    How knows ? She could be a movie starlet pissed off at what she thought was a papparrazi.
    Or is Muslim movie starlet an oxymoron ?

    At any rate, the bicycle cop probably made the right call.
    Arresting a pissed-off pregnant woman of any stripe calls for hazard pay.

  15. Nred says:

    This story needs to be followed closely and not allowed to disappear.  Make it loud enough that not even the CBC can ignore it.  The police officers involved should not be reprimanded, they need to be fired. If they can't protect, then they are useless, but then most of them really are.

    Not to condone the nasty comments that occured after the horrific death of the officer a couple of months ago, but incidents help fuel that rage, which fed those comments.

    Face it, Islam is a cancer that needs to be excised, or better yet, "chemo'ed" out of the Western world.

    • driscoll_229 says:

      i have to argue about the statement,  Islam is a cancer that needs to be excised, or better yet, "chemo'ed" out of the Western world…..not all muslims act this way only the newly arrived …talking to a girl a work about this incident (she's muslim by the way) she was angered that this woman would use religious beliefs as an excuse to act this way…. and said and i quote " They are making it up as they go " ….

      • Then why aren't more of these Muslims vocal about this type of behaviour, because the more out spoken ones like Tarek Fatah get death threats, that why. Next time you talk to your Muslim Girl at work, ask what she thinks about Palestine and Israel. Does she accept the Israel's right to exit or dose she fall on the side of the al-Nakba?

        Muslims are some of the most bigotted folks on the planet where they put religion as primacy and can't stand each other's sects to the point of killing them, back in the old country that is. Here, they just kill each other for dishonour, like Bedouin Klingons.

        • Thomas Sadler says:

          Fall on the side of the al-Nakba? Do you know what this means? Are you suggesting that if she believes in this concept- essentially that Palestinians were dispossessed of their homeland, hence ‘Catastrophe’- that she would not accept Israel’s right to exist? You do realize that there are Palestinian Muslims(as well as Palestinian Christians)that recognize the reality of both al-Nakba and Israel’s existence. Even the most radical Palestinian/Lebanese groups(Hamas and Hezbollah) have stated that they would recognize the reality of an Israeli state if Israel were to return to pre-1967 June borders(which happens to be the international consensus).

          My guess is that you have a complete lack of knowledge on this topic/conflict.

          Also, honour killings are motivated by culture-not religion. Usually these senseless and moronic acts are carried out by people from southeast asia(India, Pakistan, Afghanistan)- however those guilty are not always muslim. Nevertheless, whether the majority of them are muslim is irrelevant. Where does it state(in any Islamic scripture) that a daughter/son/wife/etc. should be murdered due to their unIslamic behaviour? The Islamic religion simply does not advocate or allow such practices. If you were truly serious and sincere about this very real problem, you would know that this matter stems from the backwardness of specific cultures. I understand that someone of your intelligence can not understand/appreciate the distinction between religion and culture or even the distinction between Islam and radical/extreme Islam.

          Keep up the good work

  16. eric says:

    We should all go down to that square this week and take turns with our camera's. be prepared to smack a few of them around. Lets keep this one on that apologist, worst Police Chief in Toronto's history's blotter

  17. Dyspeptic Curmudgeon says:

    Menzies should go to Old City Hall and swear out an information t o lay a charge of assault against the woman. Then he should go to the Central Cop Shop (Bay at College) and make a complaint against the cop for unprofessional conduct: to wit, ignorance of the law.

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  19. Winston says:

    What are these people doing in Canada?

    • Sean says:

      Living, being a family, being happy, enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon downtown, enjoying the same freedoms here in Canada that you enjoy Winston, like not having your picture taken if you don't want it taken. Thats my guess.

      • anon says:

        in a public place there is no law against taking pictures. There IS a law however against 1 person physically attacking another person, regardless if the guy was taking pictures or not, if you don't want your picture taken that badly you could do the civilized thing and walk up to the guy and say something like "would you mind leaving me out of your pictures? thanks" is that so hard to comprehend? just because someone is doing something you dislike doesnt give you the right to attack them physically. Toronto is just so pre occupied with being PC and afraid to be labeled racist. If a white person attacked a muslim person taking photographs this would be all over the news as a hate crime, because we all know only white people can be racist right? what a joke

        • PattyCakes says:

          RIGHT ON, ANON!! Couldn't have said it better myself. I was born and raised in TO – I now live in Calgary and I am so sad and sickened at what has happened to my hometown. My son and his girlfriend are heading to TO next month to visit my Mom & I can't believe that I have to warn him not to take his camera to Dundas Square !! Something wrong with this "picture" folks !!!

  20. Yougotserved says:

    Wow the comments in here are so inflamatory and racist it sickens me, if the police didnt lay a charge its because this schmuck was trying to get a rise out of these people, and got it. Look at the pictures he wasnt taking pictures of scenery, it was pictures of Muslim people sitting down minding their own business. My advice to this clown is get a life, and stop stirring the pot.

    • pdirt says:

      Wow! I can't believe how whipped so many of you Canadians are. The moslems MO is to intimidate and deceive and you have swallowed the bait hook line and sinker. You are well on your way to elevating this demonic political system that calls itself a religion into a protected class that will eventually (sooner than later) rule over you and all your decendants. Stand up and fight. Once your freedoms are gone you will never see them again in your lifetime.

    • driscoll_229 says:

      the point is she shouldn't have assaulted someone…and the police should have charged her…..

    • Yougotserved = wanker

      Really, assault is a reasonable response to legal activity based on a false premised not to be offended by somebody taking your picture in public?

      David Menzies is an inflamatory figure when it comes to Islam, but he's only ever pointed out the obvious. Did he go there for the purpose of instigation with his 9 year old son? I doubt it. It's a free country, and those who come to Canada should follow Canada's laws and customs and not impose a false sense of entitlement based on a pseudo fake religion which is closer to being a cult based on the actions of a pedophile and a mass murder called Moe.

    • Bob F says:

      He was probably taking pictures of you dune coons because you were threatening him while he was photographing the city and minding his own business. They are probably so pissy about picture takers because they have warrants out for their arrest or deportation, and probably expect a Canadian might take their picture as an example of mudslim scum in Canada, for a publication about Canadian freedom.

  21. Yougotserved says:

    And for the rest of you Internet heroes, do just that, keep your identities hidden and your bigoted and racist remarks Online, because everyone know you dont have the balls to say it in public, you people are the cancer of Canada, this is a FREE country where people can follow any religion they want, your all immigrants too, the "white" man came here and butchered the Natives, or did you so conveinently forget that too. People like you are the real problems of roaches of society, hiding away in your dark obscure little holes. Grow up you pieces of Sh*ts!!!!!!!!!

    • sanwin says:

      That was a nice little speech against all us 'anonymous Internet heroes'.

      Now, yougotserved is not really your name, is it ?


      • Right to point Sanwin. Way to go.

        I'm thinkin' he's an anarchist 'cause there kind always bring up the Native Population Oppression, which also probably makes him a Marxist.

    • Trish Quinn says:

      Apparently, you are also making anonymous comments "Yougotserved". I am not anti-Muslim or racist in any way, however, anyone being assaulted or having someone try to knock their camera out of their hand is grounds for a charge to be laid against the offender, regardless of that person's race, colour or religion. You are likely a complacent, apathetic Canadian, who would sit back and exercise your freedom of speech regularly but do nothing to protect those rights. People like you are problems in society and you might want to expand your vocabulary to be able to state your views in a civil manner, without curse words. What have you done for your country lately?

    • Bob Fairlane says:

      The wiggers who don't respect the white founders of Canada, and who support traitors and depraved ingrates moving from hostile countries, are the "cancer of Canada.

  22. matismf says:

    I see dead pigs.

  23. mjazz says:

    How about a flash mob of photographers?

  24. Angry says:

    How about an angry mob of Citizens go down there, and beat the crap out of this woman and her friends?

    • Not Kosher dude. Violence is their way. Friendly intimidation through, if necessary, using civil disobedience is the Canadian way. Take your violent reaction back to the alleys.

    • Trish Quinn says:

      This type of response is so counter-productive and hateful and I am one who does believe a charge should have been laid but we live in a civilized, democracy and are supposed to be law-abiding citizens. Channel your outrage in a productive and civilized manner.

  25. BobSmith101 says:

    Would you wear a T-shirt with a Mohammad cartoon printed on it?

    You might in Montana. Don’t try it in Mecca.


    Because, Islam trains a small number of its most devout believers it’s OK to kill. And Islamic killers have been trained to kill anyone who insults Allah and/or Mohammad.

    In Montana you’d have a good chance none of these Islamic killers would see you.

    In Mecca you wouldn’t last five minutes. One of Islam’s killers would come from out of nowhere and kill you. It is that simple.

    You don’t believe me? Ask any Muslim!
    Read it all at:

  26. OntarioTeacher says:

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. This is blatant disrespect for the cultures of others. If David Menzies had apologized and explained that he was taking a picture of something else and wasn't intentionally photographing the women, it is far more likely that he would not have been punched. Just because she is from a different culture does not make this a match to start an uprising. If I had noticed that someone was taking pictures and I had been in some of the shots, and had asked the person if they could please try not to take pictures with me in it or to be more careful when including people in shots, and the person responded with "I am in a democracy and I can take pictures of whomever I please", it is likely I would have punched the person in the face, if my boyfriend hadn't first. It is the same principal as if you were in a park full of children, taking pictures of your own child, and a parent came up to you because they didn't want their child to be photographed in the background. Would you tell that parent you can take pictures of whomever you please? I would hope not. This kind of reaction and situation is shameful and disrespectful. It is blatant prejudice and close-mindedness of the respect for other people. Understanding the perspective of another person is how this situation should have been handled — not putting this on the news with the newscaster commentating "This isn't happening in a riot in Egypt, but in our own country in Dundas Square." For shame.

    • sanwin says:

      You must be liberal dhimmi working at the Valley Park Middle School, right ?

      • OntarioTeacher says:

        No, actually I am a Caucasian Canadian born teacher at a Toronto Prep School. 

        • BobSmith101 says:

          Just like a teacher. You always have to talk about race – "Caucasian". You use all the code words and phrases – "blatant disrespect for cultures" – "shameful and disrespectful" – "blatant prejudice and close-mindedness of the respect for other people" – and my favorite "Understanding the perspective of another person". Like sanwin said "You must be liberal dhimmi".

    • No dhimmi says:

      OMIGOD. You are disgusting. SHAME ON YOU for encouraging the forced subjugation under the evil and vile Islamic law. What a disgrace. With "Ontario teachers" like this one, it's time to flee Ontario!

    • Trish Quinn says:

      People who have expressed outrage in a civilized manner have no reason to be ashamed of themselves. One can respect other cultures, while expecting a democratic process to be followed when one has been assaulted. As a teacher, you have a responsibility to teach children about acceptance, multiculturalism, Canadian society and its laws. I understand that the pictures of the group of Muslims were taken after the assault. You surely cannot deny that this was an assault and why should this be acceptable when it would not be in other situations. In the city in which I live a Muslim man and woman were attacked and the man severely beaten and the perpetrators were charged, as they most certainly should have been. Any attack on any citizen warrants charges being laid and this situation is no different. You can't go so far in acceptance of other cultures that it squelches the rights of Canadians or persons of any other nationality. I would say that you may have some reverse racism and are not looking at the whole picture of the incident.

    • gsw says:

      There are few ideologies that advocate returning rude language with physical attacks. Strangely, here in Europe, there are an increasing number of "youths", school children actually, who gang up against another child and put him/her in hospital. When the parents are confronted with the behaviour of their offspring, they often reply that "he was provoked", the other child said something "offensive".

      Any attempts to explain that verbal attacks should only be responded to with verbal attacks, and that violence is a last resort when one is trying to protect oneself, fall on deaf ears.

      What we have here is a classic behaviourism, the same one responsible for riots and killings over a cartoon. If this women is pregnant, she must learn the correct way to behave – before she brings up a child to hit first and talk later.

      Before you respond with multi-culti question about what makes my way the correct way? The fact that it works, else why not stay in paradise?

    • Bob Fairlane says:

      Yes, you sand chiggers should not be in Canada and disrespecting Canadian culture.

  27. misery says:

    This is how they behave as a minority. Imagine what will happen when they get power, which lefties are happy to give them.

  28. rajesh says:

    Just deport these idiots to their cave in Afghanistan

  29. dfgsfggwRG says:

    good picture of her. Anybody have a gun handy? Kill the bytch!

  30. Bern says:

    The Canadian people have got exactly what their elected officials set out to deliver to them and this is just the start. When you willingly bring people into your once peaceful country from some of the most problematic and dysfunctional countries in the world and believe that they will leave their 8th century religion and culture behind, you have be either pathologically naive or stupid or both.

  31. jemc50 says:

    This is coming to the United States, next.   It may already be here in Dearborn, Michigan, though.  Not, sure.

  32. Howard Joey says:

    OntarioTeacher : talk that shit, your full of it and so is your fucking BF. hit someone for this shit, come on…go ahead. youll one day get your fucking head handed to you. fucking moron! and please stay up in CANADA where your ass belongs.

  33. […] Landmark Report  (H/T TROP)  After enjoying a lunch of pizza and bubble tea, Menzies deigned to use his new camera to take pictures of the surroundings, much to the dismay of a nearby hijab-wearing Muslim women. Menzies writes: She was part of a group that included two women wearing full face-covering burkas. She was screaming: “We are Muslim! You do not take pictures of us!” (Odd. I can’t find the “no photos” rule in the Qur’an.) I informed the lady I was in a public square in a democracy. I can actually take pictures of whomever I please. And then: Ka-pow! Her fist collided with my face. Worse, she almost knocked my new camera from my hands. My son and I were then surrounded by a mob of about 20 people, many of whom were speaking Arabic. One kept demanding I surrender my camera to him. […]

  34. driscoll_229 says:

    we live in Canada…not some third world country. This is unjust …this is assault no matter what way it's cut.If these people do not get punished for this behaviour (whether its a Christian,Jew, Muslim or a Jehovah Witness.)this could escalate into something a whole lot worse. WE HAVE LAWS. These laws are put in place to protect All CANADIAN CITIZENS. not just a select few. the mayor should get involved now and this police officer should be in an internal investagation..I feel a trip to toronto coming up …and a empty memory card to be filled …AND I DARE THE WOMAN to do that to me ……  perhaps the police shouldn't earn 40k+ a year to serve and protect if they can't do job…..

  35. larry says:

    muslims are a dog poop in your back yard.

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  38. Jim says:

    Support the English Defence League

  39. Adam says:

    Right wing Conservatives make me sick to the stomach… This so called journalist was out there looking for trouble, pushing this Muslim family's buttons taking close-up pictures of them (stalking them) under the excuse that he is shooting pictures in a public place…He was told repeatedly not to, and he should have stopped and moved on.. Then when the lady tried to smack the camera out of his hand to get him to stop he makes it sound like he was "assaulted", no wonder the cops didn't believe his story….If there is one thing i learned about conservatives early on in life that there are the best at being passive aggressive, they are the best at creating trouble then sitting in the victim's chair…

    • Adam,

      The only person who broke the law was the hajib'd woman who struck David Menzies. Trying to rationalize it any other way is a feeble attempt to produce an ad-hominem attack on conservatives and blatantly professes you belief of an "law" above the law which includes entitlement. Would you be an anarchist by any chance?

      And besides, the area they were in is under constant video surveillance, so why not attack the CCTV's as an assault to their cultural sensitivity? This is an episode of pure cultural entitlement bullshit enabled by Toronto PD whose response to the violence was to do nothing. I guess the paperwork just got in the way.

    • KathleenP says:

      What "close-up" pictures are you talking about? What stalking? The only close-up I saw was the one taken right after the raging hag planted her fist in the photographer's face. Perhaps it was just late pregnancy hormones running amok, and being ten months pregnant on a hot summer day in Toronto while being forbidden to expose one's sweaty head or a centimetre of bare flesh must be a bitch, but it still doesn't excuse acting like a crazed bitch. Perhaps the harpy is just tired of being treated as a brood mare and is just taking it out on the nearest male who is unlikely to hit back, namely someone not her husband. Whatever. People in a public square in Toronto do in fact have the right to take pictures of whomever and whatever they please, provided they are not actually harassing or stalking people, and if people don't like being on the other end of a camera in this day and age they should stay home. It's not like Big Brother isn't already filming every second of our public existence.

  40. Adam says:

    Kaffir_Kanuck , 

    First of all, there is no case of "law above the law " here, I am sure you and many people on here deep down know that this was a stupid and retarded attempt to set this Muslim family up for a much worse outcome(things thankfully did not go as Mr. Menzies had hoped they would)…

    I don't see the woman in those pictures "punching him in the face". Knocking his camera down?  yes! she did and good on her standing up for herself and her family… Again, David Menzies was not taking pictures of a public square or a "public place" he directed his camera towards the family and shot multiple photos and made it clear to them that they were the target.. Why would anyone do such a thing unless they have a motive?? If that was my family he was taking pictures off I would have asked for him to be charged with harassment …Taking pictures that include random people in the back ground is okay, taking pictures of random people after asking their permission is also okay but you can't just go out there and take MULTIPLE pictures of random people (which Mr.Menzies wants us to believe that just happened to be a practicing Muslim family in downtown Toronto)and even after being asked to refer from doing so for no reason is NOT OKAY!! …

    On the other hand trying to compare this with photos taken by security camera is a feeble attempt to try and make what is wrong (taking multiple photos on people) seem right, security camera are there for a reason which is to deter criminals and people who would want to break the law not to tape an everyday Torontonian trying to have ice cream cone on a hot day… as per Mr. Menzies own words he was asked to stop but acting the arrogant type he is, he refused to… This is a simple case of passive aggressiveness.. It wouldn't stand in court for a second, David knows it and that's why he is not perusing legal actions.. 

    • You're still wrong. Being in public doesn't allow you to keep others from taking your picture or filming. Then he was assaulted, which is up to a judge to decide on, not a TO cop on whether or not to press charges. And he was mobbed and threatened by up to 20 of them where they demanded he hand over the camera. Again, does that seem right?

      You're making a lot of assumptions as to David's intentions with his 9 year old son in tow, not of which you can prove above the facts I've just stated.

    • tagalder70 says:

      I agree Kafir.

  41. […] Michael Devolin, gave me some musings which would make a good post for further fodder on Islamic Immigration, only because the discussion went that way. Especially considering David Menzie’s latest interaction with the Multicultural inheritance of the Religion of Peace. […]

  42. Anti Punjabi says:

    He should have kicked her where the good lord split her.

    Float them back to their country in a barrel full of holes is my opinion.

  43. So, David, organize a 'Snap A Muslim' day.  Invite dozens of people to bring their cameras and snap until their little heart's content.  Is that big old cow going to punch everyone?  Go for the jugular until these people, and anyone line them, understands this is Canada and not some  camel-jockey country in which they follow  the megalomaniac teachings of an alleged pedophile.  Oh, I'd better stop.  Someone may fly a plane into my apartment for being an 'infidel' or charge me with being 'politically incorrect'.  Will that be ten years, or will you settle for twenty lashes?.

  44. vulnerable and combing may snap a lot…

    of hair in growing phase.- use your fingers or wide-toothed comb for tangles, not a brush.- frequent brushing is also not recommended, as it can injure hair and increase loss. be gentle when rubbing it with a towel, as this can…

  45. tagalder70 says:

    Menzies is full of bull. He was probably aggravating these Moslems on purpose.

  46. Shon Moskau says:

    There could be something wrong with your on page links. You should have someone have a look at the site.

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