Landmark Report is one of the global ambassadors to the next generation of news, showcasing news, reviews and interviews for politics, entertainment, lifestyle, technology and everything in between.
Unlike the bland, shallow, politically correct coverage offered in newspapers and other traditional media outlets, Landmark Report offers news and views about all topics from all points of view, even from perspectives ignored by the mainstream media.
Not plagued by politically correct, establishment thinking, our team of contributors from around the world isn’t afraid to tackle the tough debates and offer pointed commentary on political and social issues.
Beyond politics, Landmark features interviews with newsmakers and celebrities from all streams in addition to a constantly evolving movie and music coverage section.

Our tagline, “The Next Generation of News”, is rooted in our editorial team’s belief that traditional media is, pardon the pun, old news.
The reason newspapers have been drastically declining in readership for the past ten years is because people are fed up with bias passing off as objectivity, and elitist reporters with the grammatical abilities of a goldfish (and not even an Ivy league goldfish.)
People can get the facts easily; news organizations need to make it fun to read about current events, and offer angles not heard elsewhere. That’s where we shine.

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