News You Can Use – June 24, 2016

In the realm of the surreal, and in the midst of an Islamic extremist war zone, Iraq’s new Basra’s Time Square Mall had provided respite for local populace seeking a normal life.

Despite the streets littered with rubble and rubbish, and bombed out buildings yet to be rebuilt, the mall could stand-in for any bustling mall in North America – boutiques, fashion, name-brand electronic shops, and American style fast-food joints.

In other news of weird and freaky, one US company, Impossible Foods, has invented the veggie burger that doesn’t taste like a veggie burger, but acts and tastes like a real burger – “blood” and all. It’s chemically synthesized (if that makes you feel any better), and includes extracts from coconut and cantaloupe.

Wanna wash that fake burger down with a soda? Well, with the new soda tax in Philadelphia, you’ll be paying fifty cents more for the average bottle.

And, back to the fake and weird, some men in China have averted this whole messy idea of dating, and bought themselves realistic looking blow up dolls to shlep around with them on “dates.”

The trend has become so prevalent, that, given the low ratio of women to men, one company says they’ve sold 10,000 dolls in the past twelve months alone, for all of those lonely men.